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Why could I help?

and the about part

I picked a camera when I was six. But it took a long detour in sales and marketing before I arrived at the right conclusion. To go with passion, and go pro as a photographer in 2012. Best carrier move I ever made.

People skills

I see and hear you. I make you relax and feel comfortable. Everyone is special and deserves to be seen from their best side. Portrait and event photography are also a genuine interest in people.

Conceptual skills

Your demand and goal sets the framework for our concept. Location: anywhere. Prices in this page, are more like guidlines than a fixed price list of metered products. Lets talk about what you need, and create a concept that fits exactly that.

Creative skills

Let's put your story or your event in the right light. I know the tricks and love to share them to your benefit. Creating a concept that strengthens your purpose is the first step of every photoshoot. Post-processing is not an afterthought.

Eikonice skills (business only)

I know my trade, and with Eikonice I multiply portrait efficiency with automation, without the loss of quality or personal presence.

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